Ecotric Adult 26 In. 36 V 350 W Electric City Bicycle Removable Battery Shimano 7 Speed Pedal Assist Commuter, Teen White E-Bike

Sale price$775.98


This design will make your trip a breeze while riding in style. Enjoy the outdoors and health benefits of bicycle riding, without some of the situational challenges like sweaty hill climbing and lengthy travel times. Whether you are a commuter, senior, casual rider, or sports fan, this is the bike built for everyone. White 26" 36V 350W White Electric Bicycle City E-Bike Disc Brake Shimano 7 speed. The 36V 350W e-Bike is powerful, affordable, durable, quiet, clean looking, easy to use, and can bring you tons of fun. This performs perfectly through the city street.

Everyday cycling without complications with the ECOTRIC VORTEX ELECTRIC BIKE — a classic electric city bike powered for the 21st century commuter. This modern full-sized eBike features a high quality carbon steel frame that delivers the simple versatility of a traditional bicycle and amps it up with a robust, 350-watt motor. The VORTEX electric commuter bike has Shimano rear gears and 7-speed gear system, as well as a removable 36-volt battery.

For fun, fitness or navigating the urban jungle. Find the right gear that’s perfect for the ups, downs and everything in between. And thanks to the quick-access precise Shimano gear shifting and the reliable stopping power, our electric road bicycle puts the control back in your hands. Explore more, ride carefree and know that the ECOTRIC superior build quality has your back.

Engineered to be extremely strong and lightweight while maintaining high standards of durability. The ECOTRIC uses high-grade carbon steel frame, capable of supporting riders up to 265 pounds.

Cruise effortlessly on throttle only, then engage pedal assistance when you need that boost up. Need to go faster or farther? Put pedal to pavement and ride the VORTEX like a traditional bike.

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