Homelabs 5000 BTU Window Mounted Air Conditioner - 7-Speed Window AC Unit Small Quiet Mechanical Controls 2 Cool and Fan Settings with Installation Kit Leaf Guards Washable Filter - Indoor Room AC

Sale price$309.55


  • Heavy duty window-mounted air conditioner with 5000 BTUs of cooling power to chill indoor spaces up to 150 square feet; an essential summer addition to bedrooms, living rooms, dorm rooms or small apartments
  • Electric window AC system comes with filter, support brackets, leaf guards, window seal foam, and even a handy non-drip installation guide. Be sure to plug the conveniently extra-long, 6 ft, 3-prong power cord directly into wall outlet (do not use with extension cords)
  • Quiet mini compact air conditioner features 7 temp settings for cooling flexibility, two-way air direction control and adjustable high or low fan speeds to quickly and powerfully reduce hot temperatures in small rooms in just 15 minutes or less
  • Includes reusable washable filter that can be easily cleaned with warm water and dish soap, or vacuum cleaned with dustbuster (if hand washing, please allow to filter dry thoroughly before re-installing). Clean filter regularly to enjoy optimum cooling power
  • 5000 BTU energy efficient window AC unit for 110V/120V electrical outlets measures 16 inches long x 12 inches high x 15.4 inches deep. Ideal for windows for windows measuring between 23 - 36 inches wide, and at least 13 inches high

Product Description

At hOmeLabs our mission is to establish user-friendly appliances that are intuitive, approachable, and mindful. We strive towards this goal with people-first engineering, and high quality products that are designed around you.

  • Our team has done extensive research to engineer products around your home appliance needs.
  • Our designs are clean, modern, and fit perfectly into your daily life. Our color palettes are neutral to fit into any home or decor.
  • Each hOmeLabs appliance has been meticulously tested by our in-house engineering team to proactively address and prevent design or mechanical issues.

The Comforts Of A Cool hOme

Keep cool with the hOmeLabs 5000 BTU Window AC Unit. Equipped with easy-to-use, mechanical, rotary controls, 7 different temperature settings, dual cooling and fan settings, and a reusable washable filter, it's a great way to stay comfortable and beat the heat.

A Perfect Fit For Easy Installation

It's important to determine the AC unit that fits and works best for your needs and window. Since there is comfort in finding the right fit, the hOmeLabs Window AC Unit comes complete with a start-up kit that includes a support bracket, side panel leaf covers, window seal foam, and a helpful user guide for easy installation. It also includes additional features for a safe and enjoyable cooling experience, such as a backflow drainage to prevent water from dripping inside the house or soaking the motor (NOTE: Our AC unit does not have a dedicated water drain hole, as water plays an important role in cooling the back coils). It also includes a 6-foot long cord that plugs directly into your three-prong wall outlet (IMPORTANT: Do not plug the AC unit into a power adapter or an extension cord).

With Easy-To-Use Dual Cooling Settings And More

There is nothing like entering a nice, cool room on an extremely hot day. Relax in comfort that you can fully control with our window AC unit. It is equipped with easy-to-use, mechanical rotary controls, 7 different temperature settings, as well as dual cooling and fan settings. It also features full-width, two-way airflow to direct that refreshing, cold air wherever it’s needed. This empowers you to reach the ideal temperature at any moment, from making sure your room is comfortable for guests, to blasting air directly at your face after a workout.

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