Jetson Bolt up Adult Electric Bicycle Ride On Bicycle

Sale price$611.43


The Jetson Jbolts up the ride is the perfect ride for when you are out and on the go. With the Jetson bolt up's 14" wheels, riders can ride a little higher around town. It means that the bolt up can confidently zip around town, but riders can rest assured that they can stop on a dime with the bolt up's dual disc brakes. With foot pegs and the bolt up is great for those looking to enjoy a laid-back ride. The extended frame geometry centers the rider, for better balance and agility.

  • An LED headlight and a detachable red strobing rear light come in the box and power on when you need them to.
  • And with that famous bolt design, you know that the Jetson bolt up is going to look as good as it rides.
  • The Jetson bolt-up is an electric ride that you are sure to give a thumbs up to.

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