Kent 20 In. Torpedo Ebike Orange and Gray, Electric Bicycle

Actual Color: Orange/Gray
Sale price$183.40


  • Pedal-Assisted Electric Drivetrain
  • 3 Power Levels (small assist, medium assist, large assist)
  • 6 Speed Gearing
  • Front Suspension
  • Easy Assembly
  • 24V 5.2AMP Removeable Battery for Easy Transport and Charging
  • 15 Mile Range when using battery power
  • 180 Watt 24V Motor
  • 6 Hour Charge Time
  • Dual Caliper Brakes

This 6-speed pedal-assist bicycle has a sturdy, steel frame. This e-bike comes with a battery and charger. The LED display offers three levels of assistance. The motor is mounted in the rear wheel and adds 180W of power in full power mode. There are medium and low power modes that provide even softer assistance. An led battery meter is mounted on the handlebars that also houses the power mode selector. The motor doesn't add any assist unless the rider is pedaling, and the assist cuts out immediately when pedaling stops. The brake levers that control a pair of v-brakes also have sensors to cut motor power any time the brakes are pulled. The motor is supplied by an adorable little 24v 5.2Ah battery. In low power mode, the battery is sufficient for 15 miles (25 km) of range. Of course, if the battery ever runs out, the e-bike simply turns back into a standard pedal bike. There's even a six-speed transmission that makes the bike extra pedal-friendly even without any electric assist.

  • Pedal-assisted electric drivetrain
  • 3 Power Levels (small assist, medium assist, large assist)
  • 6-speed gearing
  • Front suspension
  • Easy assembly
  • 15 Mile range when using battery power
  • 180 watt 24V motor
  • 6 hour charge time

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