KGK 26" 350W Electric Mountain Bicycle Commuter Cargo E-Bike for Adults, Professional 7-Speed Gears, Front Cargo Rack and Back Seat

Sale price$1,163.18


  • 350W brushless gear hub motor
  • 36V 10.4Ah removable lithium-ion battery
  • 26in. X 2.1in. mountain professional Wheels
  • Shimano 7 speed trigger shifter

Taking two little ones to preschool for the weekend? A day trip to the mountains or a few days of camping at the lake with a kit and caboodle? Or a big family shopping trip? No matter what adventure awaits you, KGK electric bike will take everyone and everything with you.

No matter what your plans are, KGK electric mountain bike is up for anything. Passengers young and old will find their spot. And the best thing is: it handles with the agility of a normal E-Bike while boasting top-of-the-line safety. It leaves a lasting impression with its off-road appearance.

KGK 26” Electric Bike

-350W brushless gear hub motor

-36V 10.4Ah removable lithium-ion battery

-4 level pedal assist

-26in. X 2.1in. mountain professional Wheels

-Shimano 7 speed trigger shifter

Technical Specs:


  1. When you don’t use the ebike for a long time, fully charge and discharge it at least once every two months.
  2. The ideal ambient temperature for charging is 41℉-77℉(5℃-25℃). If the temperature is not in this range, the charging time may differ.
  3. Listed riding range inthe descriptions is tested under standard conditions (68℉, 70kg loaded weight, flat asphalt road, breeze). The actual range may vary according to loaded weight, road conditions, and environment.

  • Bike for Power: Ride up to 20 MPH with the 350-watt brushless geared hub drive pedal assist motor that gives you a boost while you pedal. Choose from 0-4 levels of assistance or use the throttle instead.
  • Flexible load Transport: The cargo front carrier offers you a larger loading area without compromising comfort. It carries up to 15 kg effortlessly. Mount a child seat to the rear rack and take your kids along for the ride! Dual leg kickstands provide additional stability when loading cargo or passengers.
  • Go Further, Wait for Less: 36V/10.4ah lithium-ion battery allows you to wait only a little charging time before starting the next journey, and recharge in 3-5 hours. Its large capacity also ensures a long range of 30-50 miles. And the battery is removable and lockable.
  • Smooth Ride: The well-designed, high-strength coil sprung suspension fork smooths out bumps in the road or trail. 2.1-inch wide tires provide extra grip and stability. No matter what the terrain can effectively absorb shocks during riding, help to better control the direction, and bring a more comfortable riding experience. You will feel less fatigue and enjoy smoother riding.
  • Reliable Bike Companion: 4 mode options for you to choose from. Pure electric bike (100% battery works out), pedal-assist mode (Riding the bike with pedal assist Level 0-4), sport mode (Ride the e-bike on your foot), push-assist mode (The bike will go in constant cruising). Whether it is to explore new trails outdoors, get in some exercise, or rush into work or errands, this electric bicycle will always be your most dependable partner.
  • Worry-Free Assembly & Support: This e-bike comes 90% pre-assembled. Few simple parts are left for you to enjoy a DIY job for fun. With a one-year service for the electric motor, battery, and other main replaceable parts, you've no worry about using it. For any questions or concerns about your KGK e-bike, feel free to contact us anytime.

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