Monster Smart 6.5Ft Neon Flex+ LED Light Strip 3D Memory Wire Core with Flow Scenes and Sound-Reactive Lights, Make Custom Shapes/Words, Office and Bedroom

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  • RGB IC

Do you want to add some striking lighting to transform the way your space looks? With the Monster 6.5ft Neon Flex+ LED Light strip 3D Memory Wire, any locale can made over into a unique experience. With its distinct setup, you can create custom modifications that take full advantage of the provided options to match your area or mood. The bendable shape easily fits anywhere and can form into words, creative shapes, and 3D sculptures for more creative and unique expressions thanks to its memory cord design. More than just static colors and white, individual IC-controlled LEDs allow you to display multiple colors at once with stunning flowing scenes that travel the length of the Flex+ light strip. You’ll have multiple multicolor flow scenes that go down the length of the strip or use the ‘Music Mode’ to have sound reactive lighting that hears the songs or media you’re playing for unique effects. Download the Monster Smart App onto your phone and make as many modifications as you want from anywhere. Our strips also work with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant to provide you with full voice control over your lights. Transform the way any space with endless design possibilities using the 6.5ft Neon Flex+ 3D Memory Wire.

  • 6.5ft length; Great Any Location: You can place it in multiple locales for the best results. Brighten up a staircase or even add some additional lighting in the kitchen or your bedroom .
  • Bendable Shape Creates Unique Words/Forms: Transform the memory wire into any shape or form to fit specific areas. You can even form full words from it with the right adjustments
  • Multicolor RGB+IC: lights are equipped with IC chips, enabling multiple colors to display simultaneously allowing you to enjoy more colorful lighting.
  • Up To 16,000,000 Customizable Possibilities: Download the Monster Smart App to make full customizations anytime anywhere. You’ll have millions of color possibilities between the different options, mode selections and dimmer settings. App available from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  • Unique Flow Scenes Or Sound-Reactive Lights: Our wire comes with multiple color flow selections that go down the length of your lights. Select the ‘Music Mode’ and have lights that react to the sounds of music or media you’re playing.
  • Hey Google! Turn My Lights On At 6 PM:” Works with Google Assistant, Siri and Amazon Alexa to give you complete control over your lights.
  • Fast and Easy Installation: Use the included mounting clips, screws or 3M Command peel and stick adhesive to easily apply your lights to the location and surface you want.

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