Souidmy C-140 Beginner Piano Keyboard, Full-Size 61 Key Electric Keyboard, with Bluetooth, Keyboard Split Function and 3 Lesson Modes, Package Included Microphone and Power Supply

Color: C-140
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  • Never Too Late To Learn An Instrument - Feature packed entry-level keyboard with a real full-size (37inch) body, which is a good and standard start for beginners.
  • Three Lesson Mode - The C-140 features 3 progressive lesson modes, collocates with a 60 songs demo library, Beginners can play a song and feel fulfilled in short time.
  • Make Room For Music - You can easily find home space for C-140. Only 10lbs weight match all kind support, and can be moved or carried by hands.
  • Play And Learn Together - Keyboard split function divide keyboard into two separate areas with same tone, so you can invite teacher, friend or family to play together.
  • All The Right Connections - Equipped with stereo headphone output and RCA audio in/outputs to external speakers or amplifier, a USB port to extand built-in resources, and a mic jack to microphone.

Product Description

Keyboard Piano Tailored For Beginners

A must-buy for beginners moving towards professionals

It has everything you need - 3 progressive learning modes, keyboard separation function, dual powers, 60 built-in demo song library, 150 rhythms, 200 tones, 11 percussion instruments and volume or speed control.

All in all,C-140 is an ideal platform for beginners, it has a standard-size piano keys that make it a good transition to real piano.


  • C-140 Piano Keyboard
  • Power Adapter
  • Music Rest
  • Microphone
  • Manual book

3 Learning Models

Okon: Press any key to make the right sound. Follow: Press the corresponding keys according to the on-screen prompts. Ensemble:Play the song with the accompaniment.

Practice As You Want

You can plug in your own headphones and microphone and start playing without worrying about disturbing your neighbors.

Built-in Metronome

Support from 1-1 to 1-4 beat selection, practice with the beat and control the rhythm.

Play Together With Child

Equipped with keyboard separation function, split the whole keyboard into two areas with the same pitch, and enjoy the fun of playing with the kids!

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