Xiaomi Baseus Magnetic Table Lamp Portable Room Light

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Xiaomi Baseus Magnetic Table Lamp Delay Off  Dormitory Cabinet Light LED Desk Lamp for Study USB Rechargeable room Night Light

Before order Please Note: It is Xiaomi Ecological Chain Products [There is no any Xiaomi LOGO on it] Thanks for your understanding!

Features: Magnetic Bases for Space Saving/Long battery life/30 seconds delay shutdown/Not dazzling

Magnetic Bases for Space Saving

The magnetic lamp base can be attached anywhere, with strong attraction force to prevent falling, and does not occupy desktop space.

Punch-free And Easy to Install

It can be attached to an iron bed frame or book shelf, or it can be installed at any position with a magnetic base.

Don't worry Sudden Power Outage

It is as mobile as an Emergency Flashlight.
Do not panic if emergency power outages occur and feel safe at night if you have it.
low light for about 24 hours, High light for about 4 hours


30-second Turn-off Delay

You don't have to go to bed in the dark due to the 30-second turn-off delay, more convenient and safer.

Rotating Design Adjustable Angles

The body of the lamp is rotatory which offers directional light and reduces direct light to the eyes, avoiding glare or reflection.

More Comfortable Light Reduce Eye Strain

No blue light hazards, no visible stroboflash, provide a natural and comfortable lighting experience.

Bright adjustment

Free choice of light brightness.
It has all the lights you can use

One Touch Control Your Light

One key to turn on and off immediately, two keys to adjust brightness, one key to turn off the lights with delay.

Multi-scene Use illuminate Every Corner of Life


A Simple Lamp Body Beautiful and Elegant

Smooth and simple lines, delicate and high light transmittance lampshade softly filters the light to keep the light even and soft.

Product parameter

Brand: Baseus
Name: Baseus Magnetic Stepless Dimming Charging Desk Lamp
Material: ABS
Rated voltage: 5V
Color: Space Gray
Power: 4.5W
Light source: LED
Luminous flux: ≥100 m .
Color rendering index: Ra> 80
Battery capacity: 1800mAh
Color temperature: 4000K
Working time: Strong light - 4 hours; low light - 24 hours
Product weight: 183g


For Home Lighting

1. Magnetic Design, Saving Space
The magnetic base can be attached to a appropriate place to save the space on the desktop.
2. 24 Hours Long Battery Life
It can be used for 24 hours in low light state.
3. Brightness Stepless Adjustment
Click to adjust color temperature to meet different needs of light.
4. Easy Visual Interaction
lcon visualization let you touch and control the light at your fingertips.
5. 30-second Turn-off Delay
You don't have to go to bed in the dark after reading a book. 

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