YUME M10 Electric Scooter 60V 40MPH 2400W

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Dual Motors-2400W  

Up to 40Mph

60V22.5AH - Up to 45Miles (Test Mileage)

27Miles ( Remove Space Actual Mileage)

All-Terrain 10inch

Load capacity: 265 LBS

The New 2022 YUME M10

With well over 10,000 high performance electric scooters sold since inception, YUME is extremely well versed when it comes to building great scooters. The latest generation YUME M10 is the direct result of this experience. Combined with intense research and development, the M10 is a masterpiece of design, specs and configurations.
  • Stunning appearance, sturdy aviation aluminum frame, ergonomic structure and adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers.
  • Performance grade motors and controllers and EV grade batteries, work together to give an exhilarating ride experience.

Journey with us and see why M10 is our best electric scooter yet.

Performance You Can Always Count On

Although the M10 is considered a mid sized scooter at 77lbs (35kg), it is still equipped with best in class performance components. The waterproof motors are powered with a 60V battery to give unparalleled acceleration and torque within its class.
  • The scooter comes equipped with superior 1200W front and rear dual high speed motors giving a combined power of 2400W and is powered at 60V. This makes the M10 one of the fastest 2400W electric scooters on the market!

Premium Suspension System

In place of common spring shock absorbers, the M10 is equipped with superior adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers which ensures a much smoother ride. The shock absorber has a valve for easy adjustment of the shock absorbing intensity, allowing greater tuning freedom within a diverse range of riding conditions.
Together with the premium hydraulic shock absorber, a proprietary C-shaped front fork design combined with two 10-inch all-terrain tires greatly improve comfort, grip and control, making the YUME M10 the perfect choice for urban, off-road or hybrid riding conditions.

High Performance Battery and Durable Battery Life

YUME M10 sports an EV-grade battery using 21700 cells with a total capacity of 60V 22.5Ah and averages 45 miles in range with full charge (terrain dependant). The scooter supports 2Ah fast charging and dual charging, This allows the M10 to fully charge within 6 hours.
A high performance battery requires significant safety considerations. The M10's battery management system features multiple safety sensors including over-current, short circuit, abnormal temperature, overcharge, and over-discharge protection. An automatic sleep function is also incorporated when the scooter is not in use.

Strength, Agility and Control Like Never Before

The M10's frame is built with aviation aluminum 6061 which is recognised for its outstanding strength. To enable agility, we designed the support structure from ground up. Rather than being welded, the frame of the M10 is created using a one-piece molding process, ensuring sturdiness and reliability. The M10 handles all kinds of road and terrain effortlessly, adapting well to a diverse range of riding conditions.

Handlebars & LED Display

The M10 is equipped with a 720mm rigid handlebar, which is connected to a quadruple reinforced 90mm stem. Rubber dampening sleeves are incorporated to reduce vibrations. The current design is a direct result from the study of multiple generations of various models and is built to ensure the best riding experience.
The M10’s LED display provides you with real-time information about the electric scooter. This includes battery levels, riding speed, and mileage. With three sports modes, the rider can switch performance parameters according to preference.

llumination & Brakes

The M10 uses bright headlights made from aluminum alloy to illuminate the path ahead. Brake lights and turn signals also come as standard fittings. The deck and stem are also lit via inbuilt LED lighting which can be programmed via remote to suit your preference or style with a range of color and strobing configurations. Night rides will never be the same!
The M10’s combination of front and rear hydraulic ZOOM oil brakes, 160mm discs and electronic ABS control provides excellent response control and braking performance.

Folding Mechanism

The M10's folding mechanism uses a strong ring buckle design for a positive stem lock. The length of the clamp is oversized and lined with rubber padding to ensure a powerful grip free of play and protected from vibrations. While designed for strength and stability, the M10's folding mechanism is also extremely easy to use and folds easily within a few seconds!


  • Motor: 2400-watt dual motor with hall sensor
  • Max Speed: 60V Up to 40MPH (depending on rider's weight, state of charge, road conditions, etc.)
  •                         Test Condition: 60kg load, 25 degrees of ambient temperature Based on the flat road, top                                     speed reaches 43 mph.
  • Battery: 60V 22.5Ah
  • Range: 45Miles - Flat road 25km/h Test Mileage
  •                 27Miles - Complex terrain Actual Mileage
  • Display Features: Riding mode setting ability, Smart display with Over heat protection built in IP65
  • Tire: 10x3.15" All Terrain Tires
  • Brake: Front and Rear ZOOM Hydraulic disc brake with 160mm rotor and cooling fin pad
  • Front & Rear Suspension: Ajustable Hydraulic suspension
  • Light: Aluminum Front LED light + Brake light + 2turn signal + Horn
  • LED Side Lights: Deck and Stem colorful lights with remote control
  • IP Rating: IP 54 for the whole scooter
  • Weight: 77lbs/35KG(with seat add 2kg)
  • Charger: Standard 2*2A chargers(Dual charging port in the scooter)
  • Overall size: 1300*720*1400
  • Size when folded: 1300*220*550
  • Maximum load: 265lbs/120KG

What's in the box? 

  • Electric scooter
  • 2 Chargers
  • User Manual
  • YUME Bag (gift)
  • Multitool
  • Tire Pump

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